2023 artificial board machinery industry market demand size forecasts and key enterprises market share analysis

1.Artificial board machinery overview:

Wood and bamboo processing machinery manufacturing industry belongs to the sub-sector of woodworking machinery manufacturing industry in the artificial board machinery manufacturing industry. Panel machinery mainly includes the production of plywood, fiberboard and particle board and other kinds of artificial board, and surface decoration processing (also known as “secondary processing”) of machinery and equipment. Mainly covering chippers, laying machines, presses, sanding machines, peeling machines, rotary cutting machines, planing machines, paneling machines and other 39 products. These equipment is mainly used in artificial board raw materials Preparation, fiber and particle preparation, drying air selection, gluing, laying, hot pressing, post-treatment, intermediate storage, sanding, sawing and other manufacturing sections.

Man-made board machinery belongs to woodworking machinery, but there is a big difference with the general woodworking machinery. General various solid wood or wood products manufacturing mainly to single or small batch production. So the woodworking machine tools in general presents a relatively single function of various types of small or medium-sized machinery and equipment. For specific types of solid wood or wood products production, only according to its production process needs supporting the choice of several required equipment can be.

But the production of wood-based panels is more of a large-scale mass production, its equipment composition is generally in the form of production lines, although the function of a piece of equipment on the production line is also a single, but need to be based on the requirements of the production process of wood-based panels, the overall functional requirements of the equipment, as well as the quality and yield of products and other requirements of strict matching selection, system integration is high, technically difficult.

artificial board machinery

2、Man-made board production line equipment development history analysis

The production of man-made board generally includes cutting, drying, sizing, laying, hot pressing and other major processes, among which the hot pressing process has the most significant impact on the quality of the finished particle board and fiberboard. Hot pressing is the process of curing the glue in the slab and solidifying the loose slab into the specified thickness after pressing. Compared with multi-layer hot pressing technology, continuous hot pressing technology has obvious advantages and can make the production line realize continuous production, which is the leading process in the industry; continuous hot pressing technology is divided into continuous flat pressing technology and continuous roller pressing technology, among which continuous flat pressing technology is the best.

artificial board machinery

The continuous flat pressing technology can qualitatively improve the production of fiberboard and particleboard at many levels, including yield, quality and cost, and can achieve 24-hour continuous production without the interruptions caused by opening and closing of hot pressed boards and loading and unloading of slabs.

According to the working mode of hot pressing technology or press, the production line of man-made board is mainly divided into cyclic man-made board production line and continuous man-made board production line. On the other hand, the thickness of sheets pressed by single-layer or multi-layer presses is uneven, the consumption rate of raw materials is high and the production capacity is low. Low production capacity. With the rapid development of man-made board industry, the cycle type man-made board production line is increasingly unable to meet the requirements of man-made board production capacity, production efficiency and product quality. The continuous press line uses continuous hot pressing technology, and the press equipment is continuous roller press or continuous flat press, and the whole production line achieves continuous production.

artificial board machinery

Continuous flat-pressing technology has overturned the traditional production process of man-made board and changed the production mode of man-made board. The continuous flat-pressing production line has the characteristics of continuous production process. High automation, large production capacity of single line, reasonable production process, low consumption of raw materials. High energy efficiency, good economic efficiency and high input-output ratio, which is a revolutionary breakthrough in the past 40 years. And represents the highest technical level of man-made board manufacturing equipment. With the increasing demand of man-made board market, the use is expanding. And the requirements of the market for the products are improving. The continuous flat pressing production line equipment is increasingly used in man-made board production.

3、Plywood production line market operation trend:

Plywood industry presents the characteristics of small and scattered enterprises, labor-intensive and backward equipment. The traditional process of plywood production in China adopts manual blanking and multi-layer press production. Which uses a lot of labor and low production efficiency. In June 2022, China’s first continuous flat-pressed aldehyde-free plywood production line came off the line. Marking the beginning of China’s continuous plywood production. In June 2022, the first board of China’s first continuous flat-pressing plywood production line was launched. Marking a new stage in China’s continuous plywood production.

artificial board machinery

4、Man-made board machinery manufacturing industry outlook analysis:

The expansion of production capacity of man-made board manufacturers and the elimination of backward capacity replacement together constitute the market space of the man-made board machinery manufacturing industry. The emergence of man-made board marks the wood processing into a period of modernization and industrialization. Making wood processing from simply changing the shape of wood to improve the physical properties of wood, thus expanding the application areas of wood. Manufactured panels are widely used, with furniture manufacturing being the main application area, followed by architectural decoration. According to the research data, the amount of wood-based panels used in furniture manufacturing in China accounts for about 60%, in building materials, flooring manufacturing 20% and 7% respectively, and in packaging 8%.

artificial board machinery

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