Author name: Mandy Chu

Top 5 laminating Hot Press Production line Manufacturer 

The earliest laminating processing production line was successfully developed by Siempelkamp in Germany in the early 1960s.In the 21st century, the performance indicators of China’s Linyi veneer processing line have become the international advanced technology level to meet the needs of the international market. What kind of laminated hot press machine you need to use? Melamine paper short … Read more

The best 5 Knife Grinder for Peeling machine blade

Knife Grinder for Veneer Peeling Machine MK CNC precision full-automatic cutter grinder Suitable for: High-precision vertical slicing floorboard factory, specialized large-scale processing factory, hardware accessory factory, board processing factory, printing plant… Feature: 1. CNC program control, convenient, easy to operate, high degree of automation. Adopts national standard double steel plateand lining stiffener, stable, free from … Read more

What is particle board

Particle board/chipboard production line Particle board production  line is using wood as raw material to produce three layer structure particle boards. Besides, when facing the shortage of wood, other material like wood waste, bagasse, reed, cotton stem, and straws could be used as materials. Particle board line is suitable for the using of small-diameter wood log, wood … Read more

How to choose suitable veneer dryer

What is Veneer dryer? Definition of Veneer dryer Veneer drying is a forced evaporation of moisture by heating in a veneer dryer or drying machine. In china plywood making process, there are many types of dryer.   As all we know, veneer dryer machine is one important section in plywood making process. After veneer peeling, the core veneer … Read more

How the veneer peeling machine works

How can we get good quality plywood making materials core veneer and face veneer?   For making plywood, the first step is getting materials from logs. Log debarker and veneer peeling machine is the essential first step in plywood veneer production line. Log round up and remove the log skin then move to peeling machine … Read more

Why is plywood deformed?

Plywood is a three-layer or multi-layer board-like material that is made of wood segments into veneers or sliced ​​into veneers, and then glued with adhesives. The fiber orientations are glued perpendicular to each other. Plywood is often used in furniture production, fast packing, steel side box production, etc., because the use of a large amount … Read more

Hollow Core Particle Board Production Line

Hollow core particle board line is used to produce hollow core particle (chip) boards. The board is popularly used to buildings, decoration, advertisement ornament, sound insulation on road and packaging. The PP hollowness board can replace the paper packaging canton with the advantages of light weight, high strength, damp-proofing and corrosion-resistance. The width of the … Read more