Glue spreader machine tips

Glue spreader machine (also known as dispensing machine) is a kind of intelligent equipment. Its appearance replaces the processing technology which has always been manually pasted by workers. It reduces the cost, improves the production efficiency, improves the quality of the gluing strip, and makes the appearance more smooth and smooth.

The application range of glue machine is extremely wide, all walks of life have its application possibility. Such as automobile door panel, engine housing, oil tank housing, transmission, three filter shell, sound box support, lights, protective plate plastic parts, and other parts that need to be sealed.

Here for you to introduce a few tips, for the use of various glue machine, Shandong Sinoeuro International Trade Co.,Ltd. research and development production of glue machine as an example to introduce , how to deal with these common problems in production.

glue spreader machine
glue spreader machine

1.How to change the width and height of the rubber strip?

Change the width method one: glue flow unchanged, change the processing speed.
Change the width method two: the speed is unchanged, change the glue flow.

glue spreader machine
glue spreader machine

2.The width to height ratio of the rubber strip is faulty.

The aspect ratio of the rubber strip is determined by the characteristics of the glue itself. For example, if the aspect ratio of the rubber strip provided in the glue TDS is 2:1. The width and height ratio obtained after the standard gluing operation should be about 2:1 (1.8:1-2:1).

glue spreader machine

3.How do I adjust the rubber strip connector?

When painting closed graphics (such as circle, square and rectangle, etc.). The rubber strip is prone to poor joint, the starting point. And the end point are not connected or the starting point. And the end point are too overlapped, resulting in the rubber strip joint is not beautiful. There are many ways to adjust the joint. And it needs to be adjusted according to the process characteristics of each glue machine. It is usually by adjusting the position of the joint (such as placing the joint at the corner). And adjusting the speed when the speed and closing time to achieve the effect of beautiful joint.

4.How to ensure the quality of the strip – proportional testing?

In mass production, the consistency of rubber strip quality is very important for product quality. In order to ensure the consistency of rubber strip, proportional testing should be carried out before production. The purpose of the proportional test is to test whether the single amount of A and B glue is consistent. And accurate when the glue is released from the glue valve. The specific ratio of glue A to glue B should be set according to the TDS data provided by the glue supplier. And the test results should also be compared with the technical parameter table (such as hardness and density, etc.). Within a reasonable error, it can be considered to be the accurate glue injection ratio. After ensuring that the ratio of A and B glue is accurate, the user can carry out mass production.

Our glue spreader machine features:
It have coating averagely, high productivity, save glue, save staff and save cost.
Increasing the utilization of glue and decreasing and minimize glue consumption.
Easy operation and easy maintenance.
Adjusting thickness with pneumatic system.

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