Plywood hot press working principle

plywood hot press

Plywood hot press is a common woodworking machine equipment, mainly used for pressing multilayer boards or other materials together to form plywood.The working principle is to use the force of high temperature and high pressure, glue is applied to the surface of the wood board. And then multiple layers of wood are superimposed on top of each other, through the heat and pressure action of a hot press. So that the glue quickly solidifies at high temperature, thus forming a strong plywood.

plywood hot press


The main components of plywood hot press include heating system, pressure system, control system and frame, etc. Among them, the heating system is the core part of the hot press, its role is to raise the temperature inside the machine to a certain degree, so that the glue can be cured quickly.Heating systems usually use electric heating or steam heating to transfer heat through the heating plate to the surface of the board to bring it to the desired temperature.

plywood hot press


Pressure system is another important part of plywood hot press. Its role is through hydraulic or air pressure force, the multilayer wood pressing together, so that it forms a strong plywood. Pressure system is usually composed of hydraulic cylinder, oil pump, oil tank and pressure gauge. By controlling the oil pump work, adjust the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder, so as to achieve the pressing of the board.


The control system is the intelligent part of the plywood hot press. Its function is to control the heating system and pressure system through the electronic controller, so as to realize the automatic operation of the plywood hot press. The control system is for the most part composed of PLC controller, touch screen, electrical components and sensors. Through the control of each component, so the automatic control of plywood hot press is realized.

SINOEURO hot press advantages:
1.CNC Platner Processing Frame Whole frame is made of GB Q235 steel plate or manganese steel, through CNC planer processing.
2.Full Auto PLC Control Sytem Adopts Taiwan DELTA PLC + Touch Screen, France Schneider Electrical Parts
3. Wuxi Original Cylinder Condensing cast iron, Chrome plating surface, Weight improved oil cylinder, No oil leaking problem.
4. Uniform Hot Platen Hot platen is 52mm thickness, thermal oil double in and out. Uniform heat transfer, Small surface temperature difference
5. Hydraulic Station Adopts Taiwan HEANG valve, Siemens motor.Silent, Dust-free, maintenance-free
6. Other Parts Another parts all adopts GB or world famous parts. CNC matching parts, precise and durable.

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