Double Sides Glue Spreader


The machine spreads the glue on thecore veneers, multi-layer board, plywood, block boardand so on. It has three rollers and four rollers.

The glue spreader is divided into4ft, 5ft, 8ftand so on. It can becustomizedaccording to client’s requirement.

double sides glue spreader
double sides glue spreader

Specification of Double Sides Glue Spreader

8FT Pneumatic Glue spreader
Length of roller
Squeezing rubber roller diameter*tube lengh
Glue roller diameter*tube lengh
Glue spreading speed
40-90m/min(Stepless) driven by frequency inverter
Main drive roller power
Out feeding roller power
Overall Dimension
Total weight

Details Images

double sides glue spreader
double sides glue spreader
double sides glue spreader
double sides glue spreader
double sides glue spreader

Double Sides Glue Spreader Advantage

  • Pneumatic adjusting system
    The glue coating thickness and glue coating volume is controlled by the compression air .operation easily and save manual adjusting time ,
    Stainless and Chrome steel squeeze roller
  • The squeeze roller is made by stainless steel and surface is with chrome that increase the squeeze roller hardness and protect squeeze roller
    corrosion from the glue, to increase its using life.
  • Micro-control adjustment wheel
    The machine is designed micro-control adjustment wheel.the glue coating thickness and glue coating volume is adjusted in precision this
    guarantee uniform glue coating and to control glue coating volume big or mall in precission.
  • Nitile rubber roller with grooving
    The rubber roller is covered with 25mm Nitile natural rubber .It has high hardness ,so it is very durable ,excellent oil resistance , high wear
    resistance ,good heat resistance and strong adhesion.Surface has screw therad pattern,this increase rubber roller friction.
  • PLC control system
    Control button operation system, operation easily ,it has Emergency stop button that can guarantee operation safely.

Company Introduction

Sinoeuro Machinery is a leading brand for wood based panels machinery. Sinoeuro Machinery manufacturer is a professional manufacturer
with 26 years experience for veneer peeling, plywood machinery solutions plant with factory layout design and processing technology support.

Packing & Shipping


1.Are you a manufacturer?
Answer:we are not only the manufacture but also production expert. your machine of good quality?
Answer:l must tell you the truth truthfully, there is no problem with the quality of our machine, please rest as s ure d to use.
3.Will you help us with the installation?
Answer:Of course, we will let the most experienced engineers to install abroad your machine warranty for one year?
Ans wer:Yes, we can also help you solve pro ble m soutside the warranty period.


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