Top 5 laminating Hot Press Production line Manufacturer 

The earliest laminating processing production line was successfully developed by Siempelkamp in Germany in the early 1960s.In the 21st century, the performance indicators of China’s Linyi veneer processing line have become the international advanced technology level to meet the needs of the international market.


What kind of laminated hot press machine you need to use?


Melamine paper short cycle hot press for MDF and particle board 

Short cycle hot press

The secondary curing of melamine and other resins is used to press impregnated paper or composite materials, wood veneer and plain boards (chipboard, fiberboard, plywood) into decorative boards, which is the main equipment for secondary processing of wood-based panels.Nominal pressure1200t -2800t.

Fully automatic loading and unloading for multi-layer hot press for plywood 

Film faced or Veneer laminated multi-layer hot press 

Multilayer design, simple operation, reliable performance, automatic control of temperature and time, ensuring uniform temperature of hot pressing plate.Widely used for plywood, blockboard, melamine veneer and other decorative veneer.Nominal pressure: 500t – 1200t.


Full automatic loading and unloading system

Woodworking Laminate Board Hot Press Hpl Machine For Plywood And Doors 120T furniture wood hot press


120T 3 Layers Hydraulic Furniture Wood Hot Press Machine



Suitable to press veneer ,fireproofing-board ,decorating-paper,the veneered processing of particle board,MDF,melamine impregnated paper and high density laminated flooring  ACP wear-resisting paper.


Adopt solid steel heat conduction board with deep-hole drilling technic ,configure with pedal emergency switch ,quadric

temperature protection device etc; Main hydraulic parts cylinders and composites are imported from Japan and Taiwan .



1. Electric heating with circulating heat-transmission oil (standard configuration );

2. 2.Steam heating (optional)

3. 3.With both electric and steam hearing ,suitable for shortage of steam area


SINO EURO(SHANDONG)MACHINERY CO.,LTD. is committed to the research of plywood complete sets of mechanical equipment. From log sawing and peeling, veneer rotary cutting, drying, press to sand  line, it has launched a number of new products that can fill the gap in China and whose performance has reached the world’s advanced level.Our main equipment includes single-layer short cycle hot press, multi-layer hot press, fast pressurizing hydraulic system and fast loading and unloading machine, Semi automatic veneer processing production line and full-automatic veneer processing line.


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