Veneer Composer Machine Advantages in Wood Processing

Veneer Composer Machine

With the rapid development of economy, the export volume of Chinese wooden furniture has increased significantly. And the demand for main material of wooden furniture is also increasing. In order to take advantage in the market competition, we must optimize the production of veneer composer machine and reduce the cost. What is the future development direction of solid wood splicing?


Veneer Composer Machine

1.Standardization and parameterization of parts. In the customized production mode, mass production of parts must be standardized and parameterized. The production of customized products is divided into mass production of common parts and mass production of customized parts.

2.Establish a sound solid wood splicing production line. Allocate resources reasonably according to the production plan. And a sound production line is the basis for ensuring efficient production of enterprises.

3.Adopt group technology. In the mode of mass customization, improving product quality, reducing production costs. Meeting customers’ personalized needs and delivery time have become the core content of enterprise competition.

4.Flexibility is an important means to ensure that enterprises adapt to personalized orders and produce various products.

5.Use information management systems. The system divides enterprise order production into order module, raw material module, production module, warehouse module and other modules. Which is the guarantee of efficient production and management of enterprises.

Veneer Composer Machine

At present, the transformation of solid wood custom furniture enterprises is facing some problems, especially the production of solid wood splicing board. The high frequency splicing equipment of Sinoeuro Machinery has many advantages, which can help enterprises produce high-efficiency products.


1.Increase production efficiency. The general splicing machine has the disadvantages of low output rate and slow speed. And the high-frequency splicing machine can reach 5-10 times of the conventional splicing machine.

2.Efficient production. With high frequency bonding, as long as 1-3 minutes, the glue can cure. When the temperature is low, the speed of ordinary joints will be slowed. And the efficiency of high frequency joints is greatly improved compared to traditional joint equipment.

3.High frequency equipment has good stability and smoothness. And its high temperature and high pressure equipment can also be very good sterilization and deworming

4.Convenient loading and unloading. Conventional jointing equipment requires manual lifting of the board to high places for rotating processing, which is time-consuming and inefficient. High frequency engagement device, automatic loading and unloading, flat operation, saving labor.

5.More energy efficient. As we all know, the plate assembling process requires high temperature and pressure, which are very power-consuming steps. Power consumption is often a headache for many enterprises. The power consumption of a cubic plate per cubic plate of high-frequency equipment is only 15-30 degrees.

Veneer Composer Machine

The traditional method will make a lot of glue fall on the roller or fall on the ground. Causing waste and pollution of the working environment. The high frequency splicing function can make the glue spray evenly on the surface of the wood coating board. Adjust the amount of glue properly, and reduce the overflow of glue on the premise of ensuring the bonding strength.

Sinoeuro Machinery veneer composer machine is a high frequency, intelligent and efficient splicing technology. We purpose is “saving people, materials and time”.
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