Spindle and spindleless veneer peeling machine difference,what are the advantages of each?

veneer peeling machine

There is a spindle veneer peeling machine is the original invention of a traditional machine. The machine has a core, if the core is less than a certain diameter. Then the veneer peeling machine can not rotate. But we often have to cut the diameter of small wood, the spindle veneer peeling machine has a great limit.

And this veneer peeling machine often appears the phenomenon of jumping knife. Resulting in the thickness of the plate, the utilization rate of wood is low. In order to realize the saving of wood, improve the utilization rate. The invention of non-clamping rotary cutting machine, it can be very good for the small diameter of the log cutting into veneer. The utilization rate of wood greatly improved. And the mechanical cutting system is very flexible, further improve the degree of automation.

veneer peeling machine


First of all, the spindle veneer peeling machine is suitable for large diameter wood. The use of spindleless for small diameter wood. The card refers to the rotary cutting machine fixed wood is the use of two card head stuck at both ends of the wood section to make the wood rotation without the card is the rotary cutting machine without the card head. And it makes the wood rotation is by three extrusion roll at the same time rotation of the wood. So as to meet the requirements of the work.

veneer peeling machine


A rotary cutting machine without clamping head of the remaining wood core – non-clamping shaft rotary cutting machine arises at the right moment. Non-clamping rotary cutting machine is mainly used for rotary cutting small wood. Or the remaining wood core with clamping rotary cutting machine. The advantage of this rotary cutting machine is the high utilization rate of wood. But compared with the clamping rotary cutting machine, there are also many shortcomings. The biggest disadvantage of this rotary cutting machine is the accuracy of the high incidence of failure.


Non-stuck rotary cutting machine can not only stick shaft rotary cutting machine to continue to spin the remaining wood core into veneer. But also can spin small diameter wood into veneer, improve the utilization rate of wood. Spindleless peeling machine system is more flexible, further improve the degree of automation. It can accurately control the spindle peeling knife moving speed to control the thickness of the rotary cutting plate. The system is simple and the rotary cutting of the veneer flow smoothly, high precision skin.

veneer peeling machine

As for which one to choose, this needs to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Generally speaking, if the normal in 20 or so can be used without card. There is to look at the shape of the wood and the purpose of the plate, quality requirements. If the wood is big, or to use the card machine first peel off the outer circle. In the wood can be turned to a small card shaft and then put down with no card, in short, there is no card must be.

To sum up, spindleless peeling machine has the advantages of spindle machine can not be compared. The system is simple, rotary cutting wood flow smooth, high precision, improve the utilization rate of wood, good cost savings.

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