What are the different types of veneer dryer?

What are the different types of veneer dryer?veneer dryer

According to the way of heat conduction to the veneer, it can be divided into:

① Air convection dryer. The heat is sent to the veneer through hot air convection to dry the veneer, such as various mesh belt dryers.
② Capacitive grid dryer. When the hot thick steel plate touches the veneer, the heat will be sent to the veneer immediately to dry the veneer, such as a hot plate dryer.
③ Radiation type dryer. Use radiation such as microwave heating and infrared induction (including far infrared) as heat source to dry the veneer.
④ Composite dryer. It is the composite drying of the above-mentioned methods. For example, the heat conduction method of the roller dryer is heat convection-contact composite heat conduction.

15 Layers Solid Hot Platen Press Core Veneer Dryer

Breathing type veneer dryer
It applies for core veneer’s lamination, drying and leveling. The core veneer after drying will be with high flatness and sufficient shrinkage.
There is simultaneous opening and closing system and dry the veneer uniformly.
We can supply complete production line equipment, including rotary cutters, peelers, hot presses, dryers, etc. If you have any needs, you can also contact us !

HOT PLATEN CORE VENEER DRYER also called Breathing Type Veneer Dryer, it is one of three types core veneer dryer.
1. It is suitable high quality core veneer dryer, especially for thick core veneer.
2. It works same as hot press machine, the hot platen will press core veneer to make it more flat.
3. Normally one 4ft veneer peeling line need equip with 2-3 sets 15 layers solid press dryer.
4. It is widely used in Russia, Indonesia area for Birch and Albizia core veneer, etc.
5. There is grooves on hot platen surface for veneer moisture remove.

veneer dryer

Heavy Duty Square Tube Veneer Dryer Machine

The heating medium is steam or thermal oil, which can consume the factory’s original thermal energy effectively.
Good drying performance, at least 0.5-1.0 CBM per cycle.

veneer dryer

According to the transmission mode of veneer, it can be divided into two types:

Roller dryer and mesh belt dryer. Roller dryers and mesh belt dryers are divided into roller dryers, jet roller dryers, mesh belt dryers and jet conveyor belt dryers according to whether the warm air in the circulation system sprays vertically toward the surface of the veneer. machine. The air-jet type conveyor belt dryer has been widely used because of its faster drying speed, the ability to feed the boards horizontally, and the use of drying first and then shearing processing technology. The air-jet roller dryer also has the advantages of leveling the dried veneer and is cost-effective. It is suitable for drying individual veneers with a thickness of more than 1.0mm, and has become one of the most important veneer drying equipment.

veneer dryer

Roller dryersr machine

It is mainly used to dry the core veneer to solve high moisture content problem after peeling.
The machine can dry veneers of various thickness and moisture contents. Any wood spices can be dried in this machine.It is especially suitable for the drying of thick veneers(1-6mm)
The working layers quantity can be designed according to client’s requirement.
Continuous veneer drying equipment, high efficiency and large capacity.

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